• Airport Terminal

    Terminal Curaçao Airport, Neth. Antilles / Concept and Final Design– Architect and Airport Planner for Plan’D2, Curaçao (1995-1999)

  • Airport Masterplan

    Airport Masterplan, Curaçao, Neth. Antilles – Architect and Airport Planner for Plan’D2, Curaçao (1992-93/1995-98)

  • Upgrade Old Town Willemstad

    4 Stegen Project, Otrabanda, Curaçao, Neth. Antilles – Architect for Plan’D2, Curaçao (1981)

  • Airport Buildings

    Lagos Airport, Nigeria – Assistant Architect (1970) and Resident Architect (1977) for NACO BV, The Hague

  • Recording Studio

    Yemin Moshe Recording Studio, Jerusalem – Architect for Mandl & Kertesz (1973)

  • Airport Terminal

    Mt Sinai Airport Terminal, Israel – Architect for Mandl & Kertesz, Jerusalem (1973) Mt Sinai Airport Terminal, preliminary study